Project 22

By season 2022 we will have:


  • Our senior men’s team promoted to State League 2

  • Two teams in each junior age group for boys, split into Advanced and Development

  • A senior women’s team

  • An active program and pathway for girls

  • An engaged, active community, fostered by a culture of helping

What is Project 22

Over thirty years the club has grown through the grit and heart of a select few people. The club has an excellent reputation in the area (eg. Darebin club of the year 2017) and grown fast over the last five years.


The last year or two of growth, however, has illustrated some quality-control issues. We have not been able to be as close to our community (and visa-versa) as we would like and our senior men’s team is not in a high-enough league. We need to make strategic decisions about where to go next, and to do it in a controlled fashion.


We are not wealthy, but there is some money in the bank that has been saved up over the years. We can now invest some of that money back into the club’s sustained growth.


We want to be able to offer as many player pathways as possible, whether that is a developing junior moving to a more advanced level then through to becoming a competitive senior at the Falcons. Players shouldn’t have to leave our community to make that happen.


At the moment, there is no pathway for girls because there is no girls program, and we want that to change.


The senior men’s team needs to be the peak playing team at the club. It needs to be winning promotions so that a player pathway can be opened. The disconnect between seniors and juniors needs to change.


We also want to offer opportunities to coaches, administrators and families to develop. At the moment those opportunities are too ad-hoc.


The club has achieved great success and recognition with the Access All Abilities program. Our attention on it won’t stop.

That’s a lot to take on

Lofty goals are not easy to achieve and we acknowledge that we will need to do it step-by-step. We will need help from the community along the way.


Some of the issues that need to be considered for Project’22 to stand a chance of success are listed below (with more detail to follow). We will address these issues with long-term and consistent effort.


• capacity issues: grounds – access, space and quality (council).

• coaching issues: consistent quality. Club-wide accreditation.

• participation (two teams): getting the numbers for two teams in each age group.

• participation (women and girls): we are starting from scratch. It will take a long focus and consistent effort.

• senior men’s: winning promotion 

• communications: clear, transparent and consistent.

Breaking it down (broad brush-strokes)

Executing a broad-ranging plan takes patience and steady attention.

Details for 2018 follow, however the broad action plan through to 2022 is:


• Project’22 agreed and communicated, including the club’s position on trials and Project’22 investment required

• Member survey complete

• Website released (at least with the fundamentals of Project’22, club rules etc)

• Initial discussions held re: women’s program

• Discussions and interviews held re: junior technical director (with costs outlined)

• Senior review complete and plans for season 2019 in place

• Junior coaches meeting held (review 2018 and introduce Project’22)

• Pre-season plans in place (including Mott Reserve)



• Advanced and Development junior teams clearly implemented from U/10 and up where there are two teams, and pushed for      where there are not

• Advertising for junior players through local schools – including ‘come and try’ days

• Enhancements / changes made to the senior program (coach and recruitment)

• Junior Girls teams to commence

• Preparations made for women’s program to start 2020

• Integrating the junior technical director – but only if we find the right one

• Boys sub-junior teams (U7,U8,U9,U10,U11)

• Boys teams (U12,U13,U14,U15,U16,U17)

• Coach accreditation begins

• Communications process working

• Continued AAA program

• Use of Mott Reserve maximised

• Consideration to appointing an administration co-ordinator (paid) that manages canteen schedule, payments, compliance, web     admin and emails plus paperwork (someone from within our community)

• Generate PR stories

• Keep council informed – present Project’22.



• Further expansion of junior girls program

• Junior technical director evidently improving coaching quality and member experience

• Administration co-ordinator making a difference

• Ground and capacity improvements (Hayes and Mott)

• Senior teams with forward momentum

• Boys sub-junior teams (U7,U8,U9,U10,U11)

• Boys teams (U12,U13,U14,U15,U16,U17,U18)

• Elite clinics held

• Coaching clinics held / attended

• All coaches accredited

• Players start coming through to the senior programs


• Enhanced girl’s program

• Two teams in each junior age group

• Boys sub-junior teams (U7,U8,U9,U10,U11)

• Boys junior teams (U12,U13,U14,U15,U16,U17,U18,U20) – This is the new standard

• Regular exposure for advanced juniors into the senior program


• Senior Men’s team wins promotion to State 2

• First senior women’s team

• Boys sub-junior teams (U7,U8,U9,U10,U11)

• Boys junior teams (U12,U13,U14,U15,U16,U17,U18,U20) – This is the new standard