The sun was shining on twenty-five of our coaches on Sunday morning as they rolled up their sleeves for the first of three professional development sessions.

The two and half hour seminar took the coaches through high-level philosophies of coaching and some more specific details around session planning.

The vast majority of it was practical and fast-paced and took place in the best classroom of all: the football pitch.


Thank you to the U12s that were able and enthusiastic guinea pigs for the morning.


The next session is on March 1st.



Junior Coaching Director appointed!

After an eighteen-month search, the club is finally pleased to announce the appointment of a Junior Coaching Director. The role is a vital one as the club grows into Project ’22, and we strive to provide the best possible footballing environment for our young players by supporting, guiding and encouraging our junior coaches. It is a paid role as it requires a significant time commitment and skill set.

The successful applicant is Sebastian Gudino.

Seb has professional playing experience in his native Ecuador, as well as seasons in the USA and Israel. He has coaching qualifications, sports director and sports administration experience as well as a degree in business administration. A native Spanish speaker, his English is also close to flawless, and if you want to speak French or Hebrew with him, he can hold his own there, too!



Seb also runs a small player agency out of Ecuador and the US collegiate system and is in Australia to better understand our football system while he studies to further develop his English.

The work has already begun with the club’s football committee and Seb, and you will see him around the club from day 1 of 2020, starting at the junior registration day on January 19. Aftet that will be the coaches’ professional development sessions starting February 16, and pre-season training after that.

On top of mentoring and guiding our junior coaches and enhancing our members’ experience at the club, Seb will also be running a ‘Falcons Academy’, providing extra footballing tuition to advanced and enthusiastic not-so-advanced players at no extra charge to parents. More on this later.

Our men’s playing group have already met and welcomed him into the fold during their pre-season training as he has also joined our senior team as they strive to win the league in 2020.

We would like to welcome Sebastian Gudino to the Falcons’ family.


Junior Player Selection Policy

The Northern Falcons FC are an ambitious, competitive non-NPL club. We will continue to provide an inclusive footballing community, but we have constraints: finite facilities, capacity issues and a need to manage player numbers are significant issues.


We are not (and don’t want to be) an NPL club that just selects the best players available at every age group. We want everyone to play but that is, unfortunately, not realistic. We recognise the need to create clear policies around situations where we can’t accommodate  everyone. And we have to do it being mindful of the stage-of-life and stage-of-football-development of our young players.


A key element of Project ’22 is for the club to have at least two teams in each age group, which allows for appropriate grouping of players based on their stage of football development. It also means that we can better manage coaches (and coaching techniques) for each team. But what if we have too many players for one team, but not enough for two? What if we have too many for two teams, but not enough for three? How do we deal with new players and families that want to join the club if numbers are tight?


First and foremost, we are a footballing community. We want to improve the football experience for everyone involved with the club and keep what’s best for the club and game in mind at all times. We acknowledge that no policy is going to be perfect for everyone and understand the difficulties associated with this common situation across each age group.


  1. We will strive for at least two teams per age group


Where numbers are not quite enough for two teams, we will promote and advertise both internally and externally with the aim of finding those players.


   2. Where there are still not enough players for two teams


U/13 and below

  • Returning, registered Falcon’s players receive priority over any new players from other clubs

  • If there are not enough returning players, the first new players to register then pay receive priority for the remaining places

  • There are NO trials for any age group from under 13s and below


U/14 and up

  • Trials will only be held for teams U/14 and over

  • The best players will be picked for the team, regardless of the their previous club registration 

  • Anyone can trial from any age group if they want to play up an age group

  • Trials will be held regardless of how many returning Falcon’s players there are


   3. Where there are two or more teams


  • Teams will be formed based on football ability from U/10 and up

  • All teams will NOT be referred to as ‘Advanced’ or ‘Development’. They will in the first instance, be based on the club colours of ‘Green’ and ‘Black’ (further teams will be given a random colour) and players will remain in that team for the entire season. As usual, some ‘filling in’ will be likely, but only on approval of the coach, player and family.

  • If it is agreed by the coaches and families for teams from U/9 and below to be split by ability (as the U/8s and mini-Roos girls were in 2019) then that can continue. Though this is not a club policy and splitting players to play with friends or other siblings is the default at the start of the season. If the teams are split by abilities then this will take place after five training sessions in pre-season and teams communicated to parents prior to the beginning of the regular season.


Why are these policies important (age groups)?

By the time players are 13 they have had a year on the big pitch and have been playing for points for two years. The competitiveness lifts, as do the demands on them and the coaches.


Grading becomes important from U/10s as children step up a pitch size, with greater emphasis on positions, strategy and footballing decision-making.


Splitting teams by abilities is important for player engagement, development and greatly assists coaches in providing the best experience and tuition at the right level across the entire playing group.


How are Trials conducted?

Trials will be held over two sessions in mid-November. These sessions will be structured by the club and run by the club coaching sub-committee, experience junior coaches and members of the senior coaching staff. There will be a minimum of four club representatives (and the team’s coach) casting an eye over the trials and comparing notes. The focus will be on the new players, but all existing players need to be in attendance and engaged. The team manager or coach will need to know if a player cannot attend one or both sessions.


[see Trials Information for more]


Coaches/ Coaching

Our coaches are the heartbeat of this club. Without them we cannot form our teams and without these teams we cease to exist as a club. 


Our capacity issues extend to striving for even greater quality coaching for each team, regardless of how the team is graded. The club is committed to having coaches complete relevant coaching qualifications before the season begins and will support any new member that would like to consider coaching with appropriate training and support from the coaching sub-committee. 


Where we don’t have a coach in place by four weeks prior to the beginning of the regular season, then we will dissolve the team and refund any registration fees paid in full.


A major aim of project ’22 is to find a Club Coaching Coordinator (CCC), and we are still hunting! This will be a paid position that will help educate and assist our coaches with a view to integrate all our teams playing styles. We are still striving to find and appoint a Club Coach Coordinator.

Presentation events

There will be two presentation events this year, both held at our long-term sponsor's venue, The Olympic Hotel. Both events celebrate what it is to be a Falcon, and are our only fundraising events of the year.


Juniors (under 7s to 14s) from 12.30pm on Sunday September 15. 
Tickets are available from 9am the 16th of August and close midnight Monday the 9th of September.
Tickets can only be purchased online through TryBooking using the link below, which includes the cost and menu:


Seniors (15s / 17s / AAA / Seniors) from 6.30pm on Saturday September 21.
All players are required to attend and we encourage you to also bring partners and family. Tickets are available from 9am Monday 12th August till midnight Sunday 15th September. Tickets can only be purchased online with TryBooking using the link below:

When purchasing tickets it is very important
that you include individual names of ALL attendees and any dietary requirements and not just the name of the ticket purchaser.
Any questions, talk with your Team Manager.

See you there!


Socceroo visit / DT38 (July 25)

DT38 is a foundation set up in memory of Dylan Tombides, a young Australian footballer cut down in his prime by testicular cancer during his time at West Ham. The aim of the foundation is to raise and spread awareness of the disease, and get young men talking about it. The Falcons are now the foundations’ proud community partner in Victoria.

To celebrate, an event was held at Hayes Park on July 25th. DT38 ambassadors Rosh Risdon and David Davutovic were a part of the panel discussion on men’s health (and football!), as were Scott Jamieson, Mark Rudan, FV CEO Peter Filipoulos and cancer survivor Adrian Connolly.

The packed room listened intently, had a laugh, asked lots of questions and got lots of signatures. Never before had the words ‘balls’ and ‘testicles’ been used so frequently in the Falcons’ Nest!

Talking to FNR Radio

Falcons President Frank Pizzo Speaks to FNR Radio

Northern Falcons FC President Frank Pizzo chatted to FNR’s Carlos Alberto Diego this morning about the club's aspirations to play at the highest level possible and discussed what he hopes the club will look like in the future. 


Click the link below to listen to the Podcast.

Frank Pizzo talks to FNR

More News

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